Our Company

Nybbles & Bytes was founded by Tibor Szabo in 2004.
17 years later, we continue to steadily grow our clientbase, while constantly adapting according to IT Industry dynamics.

"We provide specialised IT services to small businesses and individuals, in and around Johannesburg, South Africa."


Our services

All in a day's work :)

New networks

New Wi-Fi and Cabled networks, custom built according to specific client needs 

Workstation / General support

PC / Mac / Networking support and general servicing

Data recovery

Recovery of lost data from damaged hard drives

NAS Devices

Installation of Network Attached Storage servers, providing centralised, 24/7 data access

IT Hardware

Supply of workstations, networking equipment and peripherals

Coffee consumption

...and lots of it ;)

Our Products


We supply Netgear networking solutions, as well as their robust ReadyNAS line of NAS devices



As one of our preferred brands, Dell products offer a combination of good value, and reliable after sales service



We supply the UniFi line of products, which are designed to provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage, using fast roaming technology